Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring Snow

What a beautiful snow we woke up to this morning! It was raining early evening, and as we were watching the news/weather last night, there was snow just south of us. Sure enough, when we looked out before bedtime, it was snowing. This morning there is a lot, about 3 inches so far, and still coming down!

We had a wonderful time visiting with son A & daughter-in-law V and of course our grand-daughter A. Here she is modeling one of the hats I made for her. V calls it her "Showgirl Hat."

We had a bit of excitement while we were there, locked ourselves out of their house, and everyone contributed to that except for me. LOL We were going out to dinner, son went to warm up the car, V and I took the baby & her things out to the car and I asked son if he had the house keys to lock the deadbolt. Just as he stated he didn't have his house keys and V said she didn't have hers either, here comes Grandpa to the car! Son asked "You didn't close the door did you?" Well yes of course he did! While we pondered our dilemma, Grandpa said let's go out to eat and worry about how to get back in when we get back. So that's what we did. Son's tools were in his truck and of course the keys to his truck were in the house. So we went shopping for a bolt cutter & a flashlight and ended up cutting the padlock to the cellar and son had to push an inside door from its frame in order to gain access. Afterwards the guys nailed the door frame back so minimal damage was done.

There was a bit more excitement too, some DUI sideswiped A's car during the night. We all heard the sirens but did not hear anything else (like the impact to A's car). A went out the next morning to run an errand and saw the damage. It looked worse that it was because there was a lot of black marking along the whole side of the car. Police were called and a report taken. I had to chuckle at A; he was so puzzled that there was NO NOTE left on his car! I told him that he may never find out who did it. Amazingly enough, the police came by that afternoon and rang the doorbell and told him they found who had hit his car. The sirens we heard the night before? The DUI had gone on to hit 3 more vehicles and he ended up in jail. (The 3 other vehicles were owned by members of one family; I think 2 were totalled and 1 had extensive damage.) The DUI has a green card, and so the vehicle he was driving was owned by someone else. Insurance company is working it out; that's what we pay insurance for. We told A that we watch enough "People's Court" on tv to know that you go after the vehicle owner; you can even sue the owner for the deductible. Son did tell us that it is not usually so exciting there. ROFL Very memorable & exciting visit!

There must be a baby boom going on! There are 3 ladies at Church expecting babies, one is expecting twins! A good friend of my son and his wife are also expecting, and my niece F is also expecting. My goodness! I have 1 afghan done and am working on another for my son's friend's baby. The baby shower for the Church ladies is at the end of this month and I just received the invitation for my niece's baby shower, also at the end of this month. I doubt my ability to make something for 5 more babies in just 2 weeks. I'm not that fast!!!

FYI I am a tax aide volunteer/coordinator and have been for the past 20+ years in my community. This is a very busy year what with the Stimulus Payment and many people filing who ordinarily are not required to file, but are filing in order to receive the SP. I am doing a lot of home visits and my phone rings a lot (it was ringing constantly there for awhile!).

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