Thursday, August 9, 2007


Welcome to my very first Blog! This is all new to me, and very exciting! I figured if my friends and family can do it, so can I.

I'd much rather be crocheting or knitting though.

This Blog will be a way that I can share what I am working on with friends & family. Everybody is always asking what I am working on...

I will share a few of my most recent projects with you.

The first was inspired by my daughter, who graciously gave me some Tofutsies sock yarn for my birthday. She said it was to knit HER a pair of socks. How sneaky is that? I told her I had never made socks before.

So, rather than practice with the lovely (and expensive) Tofutsies yarn, I bought some worsted weight yarn at the Dollar Store to make a pair of socks for ME.

Here is the result:

Since they turned out so well, I made an identical pair of socks for her, which she said would be perfect for *gasp* bed socks!

The pattern was a free pattern called Horcrux socks and can be found here:

I chose the pattern because it could be made with worsted weight yarn, and it had a simple design. I was totally amazed at how easy (but time-consuming) they were to make.

I think I am hooked on making socks now.

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