Saturday, November 3, 2007

Painting & Crocheting

For some reason my camera is telling me that there is no memory card. Hubby says it may be in backwards but I can't get the little "door" to open all the way. So as soon as that is resolved I'll post a picture.

I've been painting interior doors in the house. Whrew, there are a lot of them, especially when I'm also painting closet doors. We are doing a bit of "home improvement." The doors were originally brown and after priming, I'm painting them white. Quite an improvement! I've been working on them for 2 weeks and still have 3 doors left to paint, though I noticed that several of the doors will need another coat of paint. Hopefully I will get that finished today if I don't run out of paint!

My latest project is a Spiderman Afghan. A friend of mine is expecting a baby in March (I think) and one of her other children thinks that they should name the baby "Spiderman." So she is referring to the baby as "Spiderman" although they are not going to know the baby's gender until the birth. I thought this would be a fun gift for the baby. I'll try to post a picture later when the memory card is figured out.

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