Thursday, October 25, 2007

Baby Bunting

Here is the finished Bunting for Baby A.
Made with TLC Baby Sport yarn.
It made up very quickly.


0_nonna said...

This bunting is beautiful! I would love to know where I could find this pattern! I am going to be a first time grandmother and I would love to make this in red as the daddy is asian.

kam_ne said...

This bunting is sooo adorable. I have been searching everywhere for a pattern.. and it figures the one I FINALLY find is a picture (with no pattern)... haha.
I just got finished crocheting the bunting from it came out gorgeous- however it took quite some time to make (juggling college, work and family time). Now I want to make another one (this one particularly =) ). But this time I want to make one without sleeves.
Where do I find this pattern???
Is it available online somewhere??

Thanks! =)