Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Don't Loan Your Iron to Anybody

My good friend "D" asked if she could borrow my iron. Normally, I hate to loan anything to anyone. I take very good care of my things. And, after all (I reasoned), she is making something for my future grand-daughter A. So I figured, why not?

She said she would return it the next day; she just needed to iron a yard of fabric. So she said. That was Thursday.

On Sunday night, I sent her an email to ask if she would please return my iron because I would need it on Monday.

She brought it back Monday. It looked like this when she brought it back. Even the handle was dirty. Yuck!

She didn't say anything, like "I'm sorry to bring it back this way." Nothing. Believe me, when I loaned it to her, it was pristine.

And no, I didn't say anything about it either. We're friends. And she made something for my future grand-daughter A. But I will tell you I was shocked she brought it back looking like that.

Here's what it looks like now, after I cleaned it up. It took me a good half-hour to clean it up, including the holes (with Q-Tips) with a good iron cleaner.

Nobody will borrow anything from me ever again. Don't even ask. And no, "D" doesn't know I have a blog.

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