Sunday, July 27, 2008

F&F Baby Dress for A

Haven't posted in quite a while, Yikes! Had such good intentions when I began, and I guess all kinds of other things manage to get in the way... or have priority over blogging; that's for sure.

Have been doing home improvements, painting, fixing things up, renovated a bathroom, and soon to start will be installing hardwood floors. Old carpet has to come out and you'd be amazed at the dirt that's under there.

Here's a picture of a baby dress I made for my grand-daughter with pink & white crochet thread. Pattern from a Fast & Fun Crochet magazine. Seemed a bit long in length, but I haven't seen it on my model so maybe it isn't. I sewed a pink slip to go underneath. Definitely needs a slip.

Now I'm working on doilies. I usually work on doilies in the summer; much to hot to work with yarn.

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