Friday, September 21, 2007

Red Afghan

Baby A's dress is blocking and will post a picture when it's finished and all the ribbons are added.

I've been Fall cleaning! Moving furniture, shampooing carpets, sorting things out and putting other things in new places (or where they really belong). I even vacuumed the books and my daughter thinks I'm nuts, but my hubby has quite the library and it's just easier to get on a ladder with the vacuum and take care of all the dust they collect. I mentioned that he should pack some of them away if he doesn't use them, but then there's the problem of where to put the boxes. Right now they are all on bookshelves, 4 shelves high that cover a whole wall and they are full. We had to add some more bookshelves a while back, and I managed to claim 2 shelves for my books.

So I have managed to start a Red Afghan for Baby A. I haven't worked much on it, but here is a progress picture.

It doesn't look like much right now. I have a zillion rows (55) to crochet in the spiral or pinwheel pattern before adding the flowers. I plan to make them in white so that it will stand out and be feminine.

It will look like this:

By the way, my computer is sooo slow it takes me a long time to download pictures and then do all the adjustments that need done, as well as write a little bit and then upload pictures to the blog. So my new posting day will be Fridays from now on. Thursdays for some reason are just very busy days for me.

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